Step by Step - Disabling XML-RPC from WordPress

XML-RPC.php file is a script file; added to WordPress to embed remote connectivity facility. This file enables remote connectivity between your WordPress and external app. I know, you didn't understand it clearly, so I keep it simple.

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Localhost opens IIS instead of wamp? How to change wamp server port?

This article contains information on how to change WAMP Server port or apache server port or local host default port?

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How can I Change or Create Root/User Password in Centos 8

After installing centos8 as your VPS distribution, you need to change the root password as well as the user’s account password. Changing this credential is super easy in centos 8 VPS and you can manage it yourself.

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One Click Convert All Unread Messages as Read in Gmail

If you are using Gmail from several years, you might have lots of unread emails are there. However, it will not create any problem but seeing a lot of unread messages in inbox is annoying. If you want to mark all the as read, you must go through the lots of pagination.

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Step-by-Step Create Instance in Amazon LightSail

Lightsail is an amazon web service that provides you server space with your desired OS to host websites and other applications. It is simply a hosting service that includes everything you need to launch a website – Virtual Machine, Containers, Databases, CDN, Load balancers, DNS Management, Network Firewall, etc.

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Step by Step Install CyberPanel + OpenLiteSpeed in Centos 8

CyberPanel is a free web panel that allows users to manage their server content free of cost and provides an easy interface to host & configure web applications.

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