Localhost opens IIS instead of wamp? How to change wamp server port?

This article contains information on how to change WAMP Server port or apache server port or local host default port?

You might have across several times in this situation when you are not able to use the wamp server on localhost after installing IIS because default port 80 is acquired by IIS7 or IIS 7.5 and in this situation wamp server icon goes yellow. Whether you use any browser google chrome, Mozilla firefox, safari, opera, internet explorer; the problem remains same.

Wamp Server is a very popular web server among PHP developers, web designers, and those people who develop websites on local machines. It is very lightweight, requires few system resources, and works perfectly in all environments. IIS is an also important module of Windows that allows users to host files and run on localhost. It is mostly used with .Net framework to develop the asp.net projects. It is also a powerful server and used in various professional environments where the website runs on a local area network.

So, the question is if your system has an IIS server installed then how you can use the wamp server; where the port 80 is acquired by IIS? Would you think about uninstalling IIS? The professional answer is absolute No. You don't need to uninstall IIS to work with the wamp server or open PHPMyAdmin on localhost. The simple solution is; change the wamp server port 80 to 8080 and use both servers simultaneously. And If you don't know how to change the wamp server port to 8080 then you are absolutely on the right place. Here I will show you step by step procedure to change the wamp server port. But before changing the wamp server port you may also apply the following techniques to resolve this issue.

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Cookie

Most of the time simply clearing browser cookies or caches, fix this problem. Go to browser settings and clear browsers cached files and cookies and restart the wamp server.

Solution 2: Disable IIS.

Control Panel ➜ Uninstall Programs ➜ Turn Widows Features On or Off ➜ uncheck Internet Information Services

Solution 3: Stop IIS services in Task Manager

Stopping IIS and MS SQL services in task manager also fix this problem and enable you to use the wamp server as default.

  • To open task manager, right click on task bar and click on Start Task manager.
  • Click on Service Tab
  • Find and select IIS Admin and SQL Express or SQL Server services that show as Started
  • Right click on that and stop that services.

How to change wamp server port to 8080?

Changing port 80 to 8080 is the best way to get rid of this problem. By changing the port, wamp will not conflict with IIS and both servers will work perfectly.

  1. Step 1: Launch Wamp Server and Left Click on it.
  2. Step 2: Open Apache ➜ httpd.conf in notepad
  3. Step 3: press control + F and find Listen 80
  4. Step 4: Change it to Listen 8080
  5. Step 5: Save and Close httpd.conf file and restart wamp server.
  6. Step 6: Go to the browser and open localhost:8080

You will see the wamp server index page there. Woohoooo!!! You have done it successfully. Now you can use both servers simultaneously without conflicting them.

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