Step by Step Install CyberPanel + OpenLiteSpeed in Centos 8

CyberPanel is a free web panel that allows users to manage their server content free of cost and provides an easy interface to host & configure web applications. CyberPanel also gets installed with OpenLiteSpeed web server which is considered as the fastest web server these days. In this article, I will explain how to step by step install CyberPanel + OpenLiteSpeed in CentOS 7/8 server.

Step 1: Log in to your web server using putty. The login information will be sent to you by your service provider in your email inbox.

Step 2: Login as root. Type the following commands and hit enter.
sudo -i sudo su root_login
Step 3: Clean and Update CentOS 8
sudo dnf clean all && sudo dfn update && sudo yum update   sudo_update
Step 4: Install wget command to install it. It will ask it your confirmation. Press y to confirm the installation.
sudo yum install wget   install_wget
Step 5: Download CyberPanel Installer.
wget   download_cyperpanel_installer
Step 6: Give appropriate permission to the installer and run it.
chmod 755 && sh   cyperpanel_install_permission
Step 7: Press 1 to Install CyberPanel
Step 8: It will ask you to Install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed or Install CyberPanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise. Press 1 to Install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed.
Install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed

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Step 9: Install Full service for CyberPanel? This will include PowerDNS, Postfix, and Pure-FTPD? Ans: Y
Install Full service for CyberPanel
Step 10: Do you want to set up Remote MySQL? (This will skip installation of local MySQL) Ans: N
Do you want to set up Remote MySQL?
Step 11: Press Enter key to continue with the latest version or Enter specific versions such as: 1.9.4, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 ... etc? Ans: Press Enter
Step 12: Please choose to use default admin password 1234567, randomly generate one (recommended), or specify the admin password?

d = default password [1234567]
r = Randomly generated password.
s = set a new password.

Ans: choose 'r' (randomly generate) or choose 's' (set a new password)

Select 's' for setting up a new password and then enter your password. You must follow the guidelines when creating your password. Such as password must contain a Capital Letter, A Numeric value, a Special Character and It must be 8 - 12 digit long.

cyberpanel admin password
Step 13: Do you wish to install the Memcached process and its PHP extension? Ans: Y
Do you wish to install the Memcached process
Step 14: Do you wish to install Redis Process and its PHP Extension? Ans: Y
Do you wish to install Redis Process and its PHP Extension
Step 15: Would you like to set up a WatchDog (beta) for Web service and Database service? Ans: Yes
Would you like to set up a WatchDog (beta) for Web service and Database service
Step 16: Let the process finish. It will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes. After that, you will get the necessary login and password to login into your web console.
In this article, I have explained how can you install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed in Centos 7/8. It is very easy and just in few steps you can install it in your VPS server.
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